Mr & Mrs Inwood – Partner of Iraq & Afghan Vet, Med discharge serve injuries/PTSD

We felt we had to write this letter to explain and promote awareness of the work and help that we have received from the welsh veterans partnership.

In march 2010 my husband Mr Andrew Inwood was blown up by an IED in Afghanistan  he received life changing injuries to his head , legs and back . He has received ongoing treatment.  We feel that we have been let down by the MOD and his Regiment During this period. In 2013 we moved down from Chester, on my partners release from hospital to Caerphilly. As we needed to be in our hometown with the support of our friends and family.we did not have any help or advice on moving back to wales and had to rent privately as we didn’t have any accommodation offered to us by local authorities or any help from British Legion or support services. We felt disconnected from the military family and had ongoing problems with settling down and adjusting to civilian life we steadily started to have problems with our housing (to expensive) debt and unable to claim the right benefits as we didn’t understand them, And no one to explain the process or support us in any way . During this time my partner was still ongoing operations on his legs and back, and had been suffering from PTSD which was then diagnosed. We told by another veteran about the Welsh Veterans Partnership and that they could help us. Although having being let down in the past by other military charities we were contacted by Dave Price from the Welsh Veterans Partnership and decided to meet with him. Since asking the Welsh Veterans Partnership help we have Moved into a new affordable accommodation in the areas we wanted to live, WVP worked with local council to make this happen( the council had previously said that they couldn’t house us as they was nothing available in the area’s we asked for) The WVP made the local authority review our housing position on the list and fully made the council aware of our situation and questioned the councils commitment to helping veterans as agreed in the Military Covenant. WVP has also helped us in tribunals and assessments to get andrew his rightful army pension benefits from the DWP. This has helped us with our debt problems , worries and gave us help and stability to move on with our lives, We have now had two children and are happy and settled in our new home. WVP has helped us with so much, Andrew who wouldn’t go out now attends Choir and well-being groups partnered with WVP,our lives  wellbeing have changed so much ,we would not have coped ,cant say what a difference you’ve made to our lives and happiness, Thanks to WVP We have had help with everything from  A  stair lift , to help Andrew up and down stairs  as he couldn’t manage without one , a house to put it in.WVP helped with SSAFA get us our  household carpets, curtains ,white goods and even a holiday . I have made friends and built support networks with other Veterans and Families from WVP. I truly can’t stress enough how much the welsh veterans have changed our lives and  that our children and continue to do so.

Yours Sincerely

Rosie Inwood

Andrew Inwood

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