Mr & Mrs Mullins ex Royal Welch end of Service 7 years

Dear Sir,

Mr Mrs Mullins ex Royal Welsh Just emailing you to thank you for your help and support in getting us a new build house with Taff Housing and yourselves on veterans cluster scheme the

Welsh Veterans Partnership Housing pathways Project  at 32 Clos Parc Morgannwg Grangetown Cardiff CF11 8EZ

We are so happy, the house is fantastic, 3 Bedroom ,garden fantastic kitchen ,  My Husband Marcus is loving the new job with jaguar/landrover that  you the WVP  arranged, our 3 kids love their new school , that the WVP  HELPED WITH LETTERS  get them into the school we wanted .and we’re definitely happy and settled, thanks to the WVP helped with Doctors,Dentist ,fun days out ,feeling a part of a community.

Don’t know what we would have done if we had not got your name from other veterans and The hub in Cardiff. We have had no real help on coming back home from the Army or Transition  Package  no real help Still not had help from the British Legion, they said couldn’t help us with carpets or anything as we didn’t have so much debt !!!!! didn’t even tell us about your project evan though we asked them about housing help WE only got a referral to tidworth !! nowhere near to where we wanted to live . Total waste of time .SO a Big thank you all for your help, where we would be with you , NO Job ,NO House , not even be together  saved so much stress an worry and I was asking if it’s ok to give our friends your number as there leaving Army soon ,

please keep up great work x

So much  Thanks to you 🙏 for all your support help

Mr Mrs Mullins

Kids . happy Dog

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